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Scoliosis Treatment

The Spine Institute of Missouri's Weldon Spring Chiropractic Clinic offers customized scoliosis treatment for people of all ages who suffer from scoliosis.

Weldon Spring ChiropracticWe have a certified scoliosis treatment program with three primary goals:
1) Avoid the surgical threshold.
2) Stop the progression of the scoliosis curve.
3) Reduce the curve and correct the spine and posture.

We use x-rays, posture pictures and structural tests to map your spine and monitor your progress. Let us create a scoliosis rehabilitation program specific to your needs.  Call us today at 636-329-8774.


Scoliosis:  Stop Watching, Waiting & Hoping

What are you doing?
Are you watching, waiting and hoping that your child’s scoliosis will suddenly go away or has no consequences? Do you really believe the only solution is surgery?

Consider this:
Your spine and pelvis form the framework of your body. It is a human machine that provides balance in an upright position and locomotion when we move. Like any machine, it is subject to wear and injury.
When the spine gets injured, it compensates and loses its natural balance. We’ve examined hundreds of children and 100% have spinal injuries that were not detected by a pediatrician or an orthopedic surgeon. In children, spinal injury and spinal compensation are known causes for functional and then structural scoliosis.   

Weldon Spring Clinic's Science & Technology
We developed a computer aided spinal analysis system that assesses over 500 measurements of the spine and pelvis. It measures the shape of each vertebra, how they are aligned one to another and how they are working together.  When we finish our examination we can tell you about old injuries, abnormal curves and abnormal function. We produce a clinical blueprint that shows us what needs to be fixed, what can be fixed and what limitations might exist. We don’t simply tell you to watch, wait and hope. We offer solutions to stop the progression, balance the spine and reduce the scoliosis. 

What we do
Using ordinary x-rays we produce a graphical map of your spine.

Left: We compare the position of each of your vertebra (yellow bars) to the position of a fully organized spinal system (blue bars) and determine the vertebra that need to be repositioned (red bars).

Right: We measure the lateral bends in the spine and compare it to a well balanced functional spine (green line). We help re-balance the spine naturally using specific scoliosis rehabilitation techniques.  

Clinical Scoliosis Intervention
With a blueprint of where your spine is and where it should be we start a scoliosis rehabilitation program specific to your needs.  The treatment  includes:

  • Vertical and lateral traction to the spine while retraining normal walkinscoliosis tractiong and muscle activation patterns.
  • Spinal mobilization and spinal adjusting.
  • Specific exercises both in office and home.
  • Documented progress that your treatment works.

Meet the Scoliosis Doctors
Dr. Raymond Wiegand

Thirty years clinical experience treating functional and structural scoliosis. International presenter and developer on spinal analysis and patient treatment. 

About the Treatment Program   
The treatment is a 14-week program. It’s not easy and it takes a commitment.  However, the results can change a person’s life!  We can only accept 20 scoliosis patients at a time and there is often a waiting list.

Call today to find out how we can help you avoid the anxiety of watching, waiting, and hoping that surgery is not the final step. Do something now! 

Sign up using the form below or call 636-329-8774 to make an appointment.

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  • "I love that they give me explanations and always answer my questions. They make me feel so much better!"
    Mackenzie P. / Weldon Spring, MO

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